Poverty in India – Terrible Truth Every Indian Must Be Aware Of

India is a country known for its diversity among the other nations. The number of cultures, religions, languages, states, food, and dance forms along with crazy number of wildlife is all that makes it diverse. Yet among all of this appraisal, there are a lot of problems in the lap of nation that are yet to be uprooted.


One of the very tensing problems our country has been facing for years – Poverty.

What you need to know about poverty? Let’s see –

  1. The major cause that has been significantly hampering the success rate of the country.
  2. A person is under the poverty when he is unable to fulfill his needs associated with food, clothing, and shelter.
  3. The food, clothing, and shelter are the pre-requisites of living a life and these are some basic necessities every person should be able to get.
  4. Insufficient supply of commodities that are vital for the vigour and health of a person.

People, depending upon the prevailing standards of living began categorizing themselves as rich or poor. The people with higher economic standards live in more comfort and facilities whereas the poor are deprived of all the facilities and even the three-time meals.

In the middle ages, the parasite of poverty was considered to be inevitable and it is this reason that people accepted it. As Henry George said, “In the great cities, where land is so valuable that it is measured by the foot, you will find the extremes of poverty and of luxury. And this, disparity in condition between the two extremes of the social scale may always be measured by the price of land”.


Now, what are the causes of poverty? Let’s see –

  1. Capitalists exploiting workers
  2. Increasing populations is one other reason
  3. Geographical, social, and economical
  4. Individual’s incapacity
  5. Physical conditions are unfavourable, such as the bad weather and climate, poor natural resources, and epidemics
  6. Non-uniform distribution of income and wealth.

There is the huge area that is left uncultivated and the cultivation methods are old so they result in more physical efforts and less production.

Insufficient industrial development and the dependency of the vast population on the agriculture. Poor economic planning has also resulted in the poverty and led to economic dis balance.

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