World War III Will Bring an End of the World

Now when there is corruption emerging from its roots and posing a grave danger on humanity, mankind has kind of turned its attention from the destruction and life threats that awaits them. In these times, when man is facing a lot of dangers both natural and man-made, this man-made destructive situation lurks in every nation, mostly the developed nations. What is it? World War III.


Since the onset of mankind, we have successfully developed kingdoms, cities, states, and nations, Much of what we know today, we are technically advancing every single moment. The technology not only has benefited the human lives, somewhere it has opened the doors to our deaths and doom. How? With the proposal of new machines, say like nuclear weapons we can conquer nations but the after effects are much visible in the affected area for centuries or maybe eternity. With the emission of smoke and pollutants from the chimneys and vehicles, global warming is generating more alarming signals. When we are cutting down trees for clearing the lands for construction purposes or utilizing the wood to form items for our own use, we are somewhere forgetting that it is not in the favour of nature. And something that is not in the favour of nature has to face (without any choice) the might and anger of nature in the form of floods and rising sea levels causing Tsunamis.


Everyday advancements in technology are taking us to our end. Every step of ours is ending this world and we are destroying the future of our coming generations. And when man wasn’t satisfied with arising these many destructive circumstances, we have developed a feeling to conquer the world by fighting them. In this race, every other nation has come up with deadliest weapons that can wipe out the entire mankind in the matter of minutes.

Recently the war on Syria is one example showing that man can never be true to even its own kind. Millions of army men, hundreds and thousands of soldiers, thousands of warplanes and whatnots are placed in Saudi Arabia for a military exercise also known as “Northern Thunder.” When a nation fights against a nation, the line that differentiates a civilian from an army man vanishes. Children at school or mothers at home and even the men at offices are bombarded with deadly weapons, killing every last person there.

It is not sure when the world would be sighting this most unfortunate event of World War III, but what they do know for certain is that it would definitely be the end of the world. It would leave not even a single person to survive the ending day of the war as the hell breaks loose. Man is himself unsure that this event would leave any ray of hope in the hearts that would keep people going and living.


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