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Truth about Jagannath Puri Temple Where Science Failed

Puri’s Jagannath temple is one of the most sacred temples of Hindus. This temple was constructed in 1161 and it was dedicated to God Jagannath. The temple was constructed on the Indian eastern coast, in the Puri in the Odisha state. This temple is for particularly the Vishnu and Krishna worshippers. Hindus consider this place as one of the four pilgrimages to visit to at least once in their lifetime. Every year millions of devotees visit this place for seeking the Lord’s blessings.


Now this was something which you already might be knowing. I am going to let you know some facts about this world fame temple that has even beaten science and today the science fails to explain those facts. These facts will give you enough reasons to visit one of the most interesting places. Please take a look –

The flag of Jagannath Puri temple always flaps in the direction that is opposite to the air’s direction. Interesting!

You can say this is geographical and totally the process suited to nature. During the day time, you can experience air coming towards the land from the sea and during the evening the direction of air is totally reversed. But in Puri, the air direction in day time is from land towards the sea and in evening it is towards the land from the sea.

You will never be able to spot any bird or any flight passing right above the temple.

Be it any time in a day, you can never see the temple’s main dome’s shadow. That is another very interesting fact.

You can view the Jagannath temple from any direction. But you will always face the Sudarshan Chakra from the front.

 There are in total seven pots that are kept one above the other. The top most one gets cooked at very first and then the second and so on. This means that the lowest one i.e. the pot that is kept at the bottom is cooked at the very last.

You might not believe it but the structure of the temple you see this day is far different from the actual structure that was constructed back in 1161.

The food that is cooked here will never be wasted. It will remain as it is for at least a year.

This one might really entice you. From the first step that you take after you have entered from Singhadwara, you will not be able to hear sound. But as you cross the same step while you exit, you can hear the sound of the sea.

There is no evidence or information about how the chakra was installed there on the top. There is no engineering proved as of yet that was employed to install the chakra.

The quantity of the Prasadam is same throughout 365 days but the number of people coming to this place in 365 days varies greatly. Still the quantity of prasadam never gets wasted or has never been insufficient.

So what are you thinking? Visit this place once in your lifetime, you will never see anything more interesting.

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