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Facts About an Earthquake

Earthquakes when occur leave an everlasting impact on not only the infrastructures, they also cost hundreds and thousands of lives. The earth shakes like it is nothing but a small plate when breaks into hundreds of pieces and costing thousands of lives.

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A lot you already know about earthquakes, but here are a few facts you might not be knowing. Take a look –

1.  The surface of the earth has 20 plates that are constantly moving. This shifting results in increase in the pressure and results in breaking of crust. And this further causes stress resulting in energy that is released out of the earth through waves.
2.  Earthquakes are also the impact of meteor impacts and volcanic eruptions. But most of the earthquakes are the result of tectonic plate movements.
3.  Shaking ground hardly take any life. The destruction that occurs when the earth crust shakes claims thousands of lives. Furthermore triggering of avalanches, tsunamis, landslides and others is another big cause. So it is vital for people to develop plans for themselves and for their pets as well.
4.  Every year the earth experiences not less than 20,000 earthquakes annually. This accounts to 50 earthquakes a day.
5.  Southern California experiences not less than 10000 earthquakes every year. And most of these earthquakes are never noticed. But if the area experiences a big earthquake, the series of aftershocks will give rise to a number of earthquakes of varying magnitudes for months to come.
6.  When it is about the pacific ocean, then its rim experiences almost 80% earthquakes. This is popularly known as the “ring of fire” that is encircling the pacific ocean. This is the ring of fire that can generate up to 452 volcanoes.
7.  The largest ever earthquake that has been recorded in the history was recorded to have a magnitude of 9.5 that occurred in Chile. This earthquake occurred on May 22, 1960. This earthquake caused the seismic waves to travel all around the world and these waves shook the earth for a number of days.
8.  On Dec 26, 2004 there was an undersea earthquake that had occurred in the Indian Ocean and it had triggered a tsunamis series that destroyed the Indian Ocean’s landmass. The waves were 100-foot in height and the tsunami killed not less than 225,000 people in more than 10 countries.
9.  Alaska is one region in the US that is very much prone to earthquakes. It is seismically active regions in the world. The Alaska region experiences an earthquake of magnitude of 7.0 every year and 8.0 magnitude earthquake once in every fourteen years.

There is a lot of other information related to the earthquakes. All we have to realize that knowing and taking necessary steps in order to protect ourselves and those near us is the only wise solution to this problem.

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