Mysterious Places in India

Top 9 Most Mysterious Places in India

Well everybody knows that India is a diverse land with huge population, numerous cultures, states, traditions, festivals, and whatnots. But what you do not know is that it is the land of mysteries as well. Every state is habitat to one or the other place that is satisfyingly mysterious.

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The mystery and story behind this is the main thing that attracts millions of travellers to these lands. Here are some of them for you –

  1. Andhra Pradesh is home to the famous Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi. The paintings and architecture here attract the attention of every visitor and even the people from farthest of lands. This is the temple of Lord Shiva and why it is so popular? Due to the floating pillar. There are a total of 70 pillars in the temple and one of them is floating in the mid air.

  2. Karnataka’s Mini Desert in Talakad is one other astonishing place. Located on the kaveri river banks, there is a village that is buried deep in the sand. It is true that this place had not less than 30 temples.

  3. Shivapura’s levitating stone does not narrate a story that is in anyway less astonishing. This place not any common shrine where people visit. This place is very popular for a stone that is 70 kg in weight and it levitates if proper means are followed.

  4. Shani Shignapur does not have doors. Yes! That is 100% true. This place has buildings, homes, shops and almost everything but not doors in any of the structures. There has been zero crime reported in this area, no theft and no loot.

  5. Rajasthan’s Karni Mata temple is one of the holiest places where there are not less than 20,000 rats. These rats are not killed or hurt or even no one can scare them away.

  6. Palace that defied gravity – This is the place that defied gravity. It is called as Bara Imambara which is the stupefying creation of the 18th century. The hall of the palace is stunning 50 meters lengthy and 3 stories in height. It also contains a very dense maze.

  7. One of the best things about Ladakh is its scenery and the next is its magnetic hill. This is the place where the vehicles such as the cars are pulled up even when there is no ignition.

  8. Ladakh’s E.T. inhabited Kongka La Pass is situated at an altitude of 16,970 feet and this place is one of the least accessed but what is the reason of being so mysterious? It is the frequency of the UFOs and many strange humanoid figures and this is the reason that locals believe this place is inhabited by aliens.

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