Stop Procrastinating – Do your stuff now!

You are having a lot of stuff to do, an important stuff. You set the timetable and schedule of how to deal and finish it, but Alas! You fail to complete your task on time. And then you are back to square one. What is it that stops you from being so procrastinating? Well, it is either the habit or being bored and delaying something that tops your list. Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons of being unsuccessful or failing in achieving the goals. How can you just not being procrastinating? Well, here are a few ways that will help you –

1.Make your list of the stuff which are at the top priority – This is important. What you should do is make the list of things that comprise of the most priority tasks at hand. If you know that delaying them would cost you much you cannot afford to loose, then you would do it as soon as possible. Procrastinating happens when you are yourself not sure what all tasks are priority tasks.

2.If it will take a minute or two then why delay it – Say for example you got to buy a phone for your mother and you have been delaying it for months. And now her phone is completely dead. What would you do? Ordering the phone online doesn’t really take time. It is important as you now have to take just a minute or two from you schedule and order the phone. This really applies to all those tasks that can be finished within a couple of minutes.

3.Starting a habit is just a matter of a minute – Yeah! If you want to have a habit of something, it may take a minute or two to start working on it. And then you know that habits are sometimes very good and productive as they result in the organized way of working. So you can ensure that you get the work done in minutes.

4.Develop your interest in work you have to do – Though you start to feel bore about something, but you have no choice rather do it, sooner or later.  So it is time you develop your interest in something which you have to do and would not be left with any other choice.

5.Appreciate yourself on every task completion –  Yes, it is important. You need to work on appreciating yourself every time you do something that you used to delay. Working in time is important and when you complete your work on time, the feeling you get is totally different and it is motivating.

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It is not your fault that you are compromising with the work. It is time that you understand the priority of things. It is important that you understand the need to finish all the tasks on time. With these points in mind you will never procrastinate or delay your work. And that is the key to success and productivity and investing your time in something important.

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