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The Most Famous Writers of Today and Yesterday

It is often said that books are a man’s best friends. You start to read a novel and you will find it super hard to leave it until you are done reading the last page of it. The concept, the storyline, and the base that is formed is just totally to hard to leave until you reach the end or the climax. For the love of novels we are introducing you to one of the most famous authors of times –

1. Agatha Christie – If you are a die-hard fan of murder mysteries, tactics and the spy trying everything possible in his reach to get to the murderer and the motive, then read the novels of Agatha Christie. Her favourite characters Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple whom she used in almost all her novels has become the favourite of all her readers. The author has used all her wit and imagination to deliver the masterpieces in all her storylines. Agatha christie is popularly known for solving the murder mysteries after the situation where the knowledge of the situation when the murder took place is hard to figure out.What are all the tactics that are being employed by Hercule Poirot to solve the case in the sophisticated way. Millions of readers from all over the world has really enjoyed her novels. Few of them include the Black coffee, Murder on the Orient Express, The Adventure of the Christmas pudding, and many more.

2.Ayn Rand – Rand is famous for her the most popular works the Fountainhead and the Atlas Shrugged. These novels became the world wide famous work and were so intense in their language that readers even today take the pleasure of reading it. Ayn Rand was Russian-American. She was a great writer, philosopher, screenwriter, and Playwright. She is also popular for developing a philosophical system known as the Objectivism. She achieved the immense fame


in 1943 after her novel the Fountainhead.

3. J.K. Rowling – With poverty-stricken life until the completion of her first novel  and a single parent, she had to earn something for her shattering life. And then she started writing in the café, the elephant house where she could get her daughter sleep and she could spend time in writing. This is when she wrote her very first novel that was a breakthrough to her career and she


gained the immense worldwide popularity and billions in her pocket. She is a notable philanthropist and is revered by people from all over the world for her charity work. With her entire series of Harry Potter, she has also written several other novels that have been sold out but not like the former one. With millions and millions of copies of the series sold out in numerous languages, the author received worldwide recognition

Not just these three, but there are many more writers who have set their marks in the history such as the Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway to the present times authors such as Stephanie Mayers, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and so many more.

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