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5 Easy Solutions To Prevent Climate Change

Here is the list of top 5 ways to prevent climate Change:

1. Stop Cutting Trees
Do you know that more than 35 million acres of forests are cut down every year? Yes, it is true. In the tropics, timber harvesting alone contributes 1.5 billion metric tons carbon (C) to the environment and that represent 20%of human-made greenhouse gas emissions and a source that could be avoided effectively. So, cutting down trees will have a big positive impact on climate.

2. Be Energy Efficient
Switch off lights and Change your light bulbs to LEDs or compact fluorescents. Also, unplug all the appliances from the socket like TVs, computers and other electronics when not in use. Apart from this, wash clothes in cold or warm  water. Also, replace domestic and electrical tools  with energy efficient suggested models. When buying new appliances, then must look for  the Energy Star® label.


3. Eat Organic And Locally Grown Foods
Avoid processed food items and eat organic and locally grown foods. If you can, then grow some of your own food. As about 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy products, so eat at least one meat-free meal a day. In addition to this, the release of nitrous oxide and methane from manure and urine from farmed animals into the ambiance are both contributing factors. So, stop eating meat and dairy products as it is one of the most effective steps we can take is helping combat climate change.

4. Educate Your Children
This is the ideal opportunity to begin educating our kids about environmental change as well as what are its effects because preventing climate change in the future is down to the opinions and actions of future generations. Parents and guardians must get their youngsters  involved in making your lives greener and provide them the responsibility to ensure lights and plugs are turned off in their rooms. Also, get them involved in recycling and rewarding them for their great work.

5. Get Involved
Find out about environmental  change events at a local or at a national stage, which you’re interested in if you want to take your green desire to the following level. Also, there are lots of awareness-raising and fundraising events you can get involved with, or just sign your name on one of the numerous  environmentally themed Downing Street petitions. Also, next time you’re at the polls, vote for politicians  who support effective atmosphere policies

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